SAE China 2015 - 1st Automotive Reliability Symposium
Date:        14-15 October, 2015
Venue:      Summer Palace, Bldg. 6, Shanghai Hongqiao State Guest Hotel

Durability Load Data Acquisition and Analysis
Time:        11:40-12:10,  15 October, 2015
Venue:      Summer Palace, Bldg. 6, Shanghai Hongqiao State Guest Hotel

In response to the State Council's call for innovation-driven, efficient and quality-focussed manufacturing in the "Made in China 2025" strategy, SAE China will be holding the first Automotive Reliability Symposium to address the increasing demand for quality and reliability engineering in automobiles. Discussions will surround the global best practices in life cycle reliability engineering and will explore the viable means and possible roadmap   of putting the technicalities into practice. 

Alongside industry experts in the field, Sonus has been invited to present on how load modelling assessment, as a vital step in reliability engineering, could be easily conducted with the help of new systems. 

For more details on the symposium, please refer to the SAE announcement on


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