Hong Kong, 15 May, 2017 – Hugo-Junkers Innovation award winner, FuelCon AG officially introduces its full range of battery testing products to the Chinese market in early 2017. Its aptitude for continuous innovation is not only recognized by the authorities but is also exemplified by its cutting edge technologies.

FuelCon’s Evaluator Battery Testing System adopts state-of-the-art IGBT technology with a power efficiency of >95%, thereby enabling tests with performance range of 1000kW and higher. Stainless steel test chambers are inertized with nitrogen, thereby ensuring the safety operation of tests up to Hazard Level 7.




FuelCon’s software for data acquisition and analysis, TestWork, is based on a modern server-client architecture that meets the stringent requirements for operating complex test systems and test fields. Having integrated client-end language, the optimized test program significantly reduces data processing time, thereby enabling swift reaction to fast changing requirements with only small efforts. 

The graphical user-interface embodies the latest trends in software ergonomics and allows for completely intuitive operation. Multi-screen display makes test station and test field control and operation all the more convenient. With its powerful interfaces, the software can be adapted to the most diverse of customer requirements.


TestWork Interface

TrueData Series High Dynamic Battery Emulator and Test Bench

The 48V mild-hybrid system is set to turn over a new leaf in the development of electrical vehicles. With new applications from start/stop coasting and electric torque vectoring, to recuperative braking, and a fuel savings of up to 10%-20% compared to conventional combustion engine, the 48V system promises to be the next big thing in the global car market. 

FuelCon’s TrueData Battery Emulator and Test Bench, with a setting time (t90) of less than 0.3 ms is particularly suited for the simulation of highly dynamic effects in the 48V battery emulation and test.

TrueData X-OPS 48

TrueData X-OPS 48

About FuelCon

FuelCon is a leading global supplier of test and diagnostic system for batteries and fuel cells. For years, its name has been associated with innovative engineering and high technical standards. 

FuelCon offers optimal battery testing solutions for all typical technologies between a few watts to ultra-high power range. The development of the Evaluator-B series embraces the high precision and flexibility concept required for the testing of modern batteries, enabling the comparison, evaluation and optimization of battery cells and packs, as well as simulation of different requirements for customized applications. Besides conventional batteries, FuelCon offers test systems for material characterization and life cycle testing of new batteries such as Redox flow batteries and Zinc-air batteries. 

All of FuelCon’s products comply with ISO12100 and ISO 13849 requirements.

FuelCon’s customers comprise mostly of market leaders in their own fields, of which, TÜV Rheinland has equipped its new battery test laboratory in Nuremberg with FuelCon Evaluator-B test systems, comprising several test chambers, temperature plate and pouch adapter. The laboratory is also equipped with a stand-alone battery test field and a separate climate chamber. FuelCon has implemented its TrueData-MUX concept that enables connection of the various systems and synchronized control via an Evaluator test station. The combination allows TÜV Rheinland the flexibility to conduct a wide range of tests. Besides life cycle tests under defined temperatures, stress tests with parallel running climate profiles, shaker profiles and load profiles could also be performed, so could reliability and abuse tests.

On the other end, Audi Germany has recently purchased 10 FuelCon end-of-line systems for comprehensive tests and quality assurance of the new electrical vehicles soon to be put into production.


About Sonus Technologies

A leading test and measurement solution provider and the first independent engineering service provider in China with its own NVH laboratories and equipment, Sonus supports industries by providing engineering consultation, performance refinement and test services, and new generation equipment in the field of battery, powertrain, driveline and vehicle testing.

As FuelCon’s exclusive distributor in Greater China, Sonus offers battery testing equipment and related services to the Chinese market. From 16-18 May, 2017, Sonus will present FuelCon's products at Booth #8 in the “International Seminar on Electric Vehicle and Key Component Testing 2017”. Additionally, Sonus will also speak on the following:

"The Key Technologies and Developments In Performance And Durability Test of eV Batteries"
16:40-17:00, 17 May, 2017
Dusit Thani Hotel, Changzhou City, China
LI Zhifeng, Sonus Technologies

Please see the official event website for more information on the seminar:


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